Welcome to Everspyyre

I’m glad you’re here.  I have put this site together for many reasons.  One of them being my love of the written word.  Also, I love to help people in places where I felt I could have used the help myself.  So here I have but a few articles regarding said help, but as I keep going, I’m sure I’ll find even more to add.  The other reason that I set the site up was to gather readers like yourself (because most writers love to read) to a common purpose.  Writing isn’t just something we just do for fun.  Sometimes, it’s part of our job or part of daily life.  What I’m doing right now is writing for information.  We do it all the time.

I have a few articles (and growing) about what I would have like to learned earlier in my quest to write a book.  If you are curious, you can find them here:


Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting To Write

The Snowflake Method and Everything Else

Term Papers, Essays and more


If you like what you see, please look around.  I’m just kind of starting out, but keep coming back and you might find something new.  If you do, please comment or sign up for email.

I have a forums page where you can ask questions or respond to my posts.  I frequently look at those, so if you ask, I’ll try to answer as soon as possible.




I also have a blog that I use to just put down my thoughts at the moment, that can be found here:




As a self-published author, I would be remiss not to mention my latest novel Copper Rain, the link to Amazon.com where it is sold is right here:


Copper Rain on Amazon.com


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