Kalan Laurelbane

Of course, I have to start with Kalan.  The whole series is about him.

Kalan was born to Ghreggry and Niara in 523 Fourth Alteration Era in Numbelin in the Kingdom of Finlael.  When he was just five years old, his mother was taken away to be a slave for Emperor Theldor I, so Kalan doesn’t have a strong recollection of her.  His race is called Cubrim, but as his father was a Saragonian elf, he is not exactly pure Cubrim.  A Cubrim has copper skin and,ö though not as shiny as polished metal, it still gleams coppery in the sun.  The only thing that distinguishes Kalan from a pure-blood Cubrim–which are very few nowadays–was Kalan’s nose.  Saragonian elves are known for their noses which go all the way up to their eyebrow and his eyes are golden and not violet like Niara’s.  Kalan’s ear points extended high and can usually be seen through his hair.  His father always called them his Sagacious Peaks.

At the earliest age possible, Kalan was enrolled at the University of Everspyyre, where he learned every aspect of being a wizard. Unfortunately, because of his lowly status as the son of a slave, he was not treated well.  Most of the time, he was relegated to the gnomes–they weren’t given much regard either but were treated better than Kalan.  The only reason he was even allowed in the University at all was that his father was a well-respected member of the faculty there.  Because of his station, he had to continually repeat many of his classes until he could keep up with the nearly impossible instructions that he was given.  Cubrim live to be well over two-thousand years, at least that is what is suspected because few have ever lived to their natural deaths.

When he graduated from the University, only two people stayed behind to watch, his father and his father’s Master Wizard, Matlure Poen.  Kalan was apprenticed to his father despite familial rules against it.  It was about this time that Matlure Pöen captured the Crown of Souls, the lost artifact that was thought to be used by the God-King Uustaen to create the world.  Legend had it that Truulôgk, Robgol and Ogryyr conspired to steal it from their father so they could build their own parts of the world.  Somehow it became lost even to the gods and over time forgotten.  The crown was found by a young man fishing by the river high in the north in a place called Mordhât.  That man had become known as Theldor I, Emperor of Aerolia.  With the powerful artifact in hand, he ruled with an iron fist, subjugating everyone and destroying those who dared oppose him.  The Cubrim were his primary target because of their long life and docile nature.  He made them slaves, rounding them all up and selling them on the open market.

Matlure was able to capture the crown and bring it back to Everspyyre where Ghreggry was perfecting a formula that would destroy it for good.  Unfortunately for all of them, the crown wasn’t completely destroyed.  It was merely broken into twelve pieces.  Kalan was helping in the ceremony when it exploded violently rendering him unconscious for several years.  Ghreggry spent the entire time trying to bring him back and it was thought that he died as a result of his efforts.  It wasn’t until decades later that Matlure Pöen found out the truth behind his father’s “death”.  After Kalan’s injury and everything else that happened with his life compounded with the loss of his beloved Niara, he went on a tirade spouting out blasphemies at the gods themselves, which they didn’t take too kindly.  Uustaen punished him and turned him into a wisp leaving his body to appear as if he’d died.  When Kalan awoke, he saw that Ghreggry had died and assumed that he had killed his own father using magic.

For the next one hundred years, Kalan spent his life in the shadows learning sleight-of-hand, or at least thinking he was, and using it to get money from unsuspecting people.  This worked well for him until one day, two people, a Saragonian man wearing garments of the University and a Cubrim woman wearing the clothes of a Dryad came into the same town as he was visiting.  They were looking for a wizard to cast a spell so that the rains would come again and end the years-long drought in the north that threatened all the world.  The rest, if you’ve read the story, is history.