Girianna Manybranches

Girianna was born on 8 Dec, 526 CO4A, in Everspyyre, Kingdom of Saragôn to Ghreggry and Niara Laurelbane.

Shortly after Girianna’s birth, Niara, had to escape Everspyyre to elude slave traders masquerading student family.  She made an agreement with Ghreggry to have Kalan attend university there while she took Girianna somewhere safe. Niara never mentioned Kalan and Ghreggry agreed never to mention Girianna. She never was able to tell Ghreggry where she went, so he never knew where Girianna was left.

Niara ran all the way to Metz-Lavhan where she was met by Chieftain Allo’k Seroi, arguably the most powerful chieftain in all of the Metz, the collection of forests inhabited by the Dryads.  Despite her differences in appearance, it was her heritage as Cubrim that garnered their attention.  For Dryads, Cubrim are Originals.  They are the true heirs to the world and, therefore, worthy of their admiration.

Not much was known about Girianna’s mother because soon after her arrival, she was taken by Imperial spies.  It was because of this that they took to the trees and have guarded their realms with a fierceness unrivaled by any of the other races.

Girianna was raised by the succession of chieftains for the first thirty years or so.  They taught her all aspects of Dryad life from seeing the natural order and how to preserve the dignity of plants and animals to the deity they call Natura.  She learned how to harness the power of the plants around her to control them and use them without destroying them.  This is something that all Dryads can do without being taught, but being Cubrim, she had to have extensive education on the matter.  She learned quickly and made great progress.

Because there was no one like her in all of the Metz, she was quite lonely.  She was beautiful even in the eyes of the Dryad men, but they all seemed grow old and die very quickly (in her eyes) so she didn’t want to have the ache of longing for someone in her heart.  She began to dedicate herself to Natura and eventually became a priestess of Natura.

She lived like this until the chieftains of all the Metz tribes began to take notice of the serious drought that began to take hold of the world.  Normally, they wouldn’t have noticed the comings and goings of the world outside their sacred forests, but the drought had severe consequences they could no longer ignore.  Even the Sentient Oaks of the West by the Great Rift were beginning to die.

The chieftain called upon Girianna with a mission to find out what is happening to the world and try to fix it.  It just so happened that a Saragonian elf calling himself Bryn Taleg (more about him in another article) came back to attempt to find out information on the elusive Dryadic culture.  This is where Copper Rain begins for them.