Bryn Taleg

Bryn Taleg is a master of myth, legend and lore. Had he been able to carry a tune, he would have made a great bard. Alas, this was not the case. Instead, he was made full professor at the University of Everspyyre, a prestigious institution of higher learning. Had he been born a century earlier, there may not have been a place for him because the University was the place where wizards went to learn their craft. Fortunately–for Bryn, at least–wizards were considered taboo after the fall of Theldor I. The university system fell into decline. Of the eight universities, seven now remain. One was completely destroyed and abandoned after the nearby town rose up against it. As it was, the system needed to diversify and become a center for all types of education.

Bryn teaches several different subjects: Lore, Mythology, History of the World, and History of the Aerolian Empire, to name a few. When he’s not in the classroom, the Chancellor of Everspyyre University, Albercon Oaldarfen sends him on assignments to faraway places to gather knowledge about them. At the time of Copper Rain, he was researching the Dryads of the Metz since there was absolutely no information about them in the University’s vast library.

It was at this point where fate intervened and he met Girianna Manybranches up close rather than from the usual distance he’d always spoken to her. She promised to answer all of his questions about the Metz and the Dryad way of life if he took her to Yuln to find a wizard to use a spell called Wizard’s Rain. A severe years-long drought had been ravaging the north, but that was the least of their worries. The drought killed many Sentient Oaks on the western border of the Metz and Saragòn forests. The left the Eastern World vulnerable to the Rift Wind–a destructive force coming in from the Great Desert to the west. Without the Sentient Oaks, the Rift Wind could break free of the Great Rift and destroy everything east of it. With the drought compounding everything, it would essentially extend the Great Desert all the way to the Sea of Boentry.

Of course, Bryn decides to help her and that story is what is seen in Copper Rain.