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This site focuses on many aspects of writing, typically in novel form, but I also have a section on term papers. I also am starting a section on dissecting stories into the three act structure. My blog will be mostly about topics I feel are relevant to writing especially someone who is new to it all. If you like my content, don’t forget to subscribe at the bottom of the page.

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Video Games And Planning A Novel

For those of you who now me, probably know that I am a huge gamer. I have played video games of all types, but my favorite ones are the first person shooters or the hack and slashers. I like the first person part of it because it gets me into the game. Now, I’m not…

Your Workspace And You

Sorry that it’s been so long that I have posted. It’s been quite an intense year since the last time I posted something new. Much of my time wasn’t really doing anything important, if I’m being honest with myself. I just needed a break from writing on the site. I wanted to put some much…

I’m Like You

(This was listed earlier as a page and moved to Posts) I know that in some of my posts, I have stated that I don’t like writing.  Most of that was to show that I, like most of you, have no idea what motivates us to write.  Most of us have moments where it becomes…

Don’t Give Up

(This was taken from an earlier page and moved to Posts) I despise writing.  I hate most of the moments I am stuck behind this keyboard attempting in vain to come up with that killer line or that awesome scene.  There are always more things that I can think of doing besides sitting at my…


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