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One thing I’ve learned in life is that success is a product of motivation.  Granted there is much more to it than that, but I’d like to just focus on that for just a bit.  Motivation is part of the equation for a great deal of formulae out […]

Second Draft Done!

I have finished the second draft of Kingdom of Happy Fools.  Now comes the arduous task of reading the entire book to make sure everything falls in line with the plot.  It’s funny, but why can’t it take same amount of time to write a book than to […]


It just got intense in the last scene I wrote.  I just have to take a break from it.  So much was going on and my character took a rather nasty hit.  So much so that he is currently on his knees waiting for the final death blow.  […]


Ok, I’m getting closer.  Because I had already written most of Book 2 almost two years ago, I reused much of what I could salvage from the original Book 2 to write the new Book 2, Kingdom of Happy Fools.  I found, though, that in doing so, I […]

New Book Cover New Title

I just finished creating the new book cover.  During its creation, I decided that I wanted to change the title from Copper Legacy to Regal Legacy, but in the end, I decided on Kingdom of Happy Fools, since that it is what Merrydote means.  You can find it […]

Nearly There!

I’ve just finished Chapter 17, just three more to go!!  This is where everything gets easier, I think.  It may be because I already know what’s going to happen in the end or that everything is tying itself together nicely after all the planning and side notes.  Granted, […]

I Moved Things Around

I have been busy working on the website to make your visit easier and more pleasurable.  After having written several articles, I realized that it might have been a little difficult to navigate around or find things.  So to alleviate all of that, I decided to put links […]

Added Act II, Part 2

I have posted a new article about what I wished I would have known when I started writing.  This was a continuation of the series of articles about structure.  This is not the end-all-beat-all of what I wish I knew.  There’s a bunch more where that came from.  […]