• Plans Sometimes Go Awry

    Even the best laid out plans don’t always go the way you want them. I have always strived to learn the best way to approach a task so that I can do it better and faster the next time around. As good-intentioned as that may seem, it can […]

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  • Video Games And Planning A Novel

    For those of you who now me, probably know that I am a huge gamer. I have played video games of all types, but my favorite ones are the first person shooters or the hack and slashers. I like the first person part of it because it gets […]

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  • Your Workspace And You

    Sorry that it’s been so long that I have posted. It’s been quite an intense year since the last time I posted something new. Much of my time wasn’t really doing anything important, if I’m being honest with myself. I just needed a break from writing on the […]

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  • I’m Like You

    I’m Like You

    (This was listed earlier as a page and moved to Posts) I know that in some of my posts, I have stated that I don’t like writing.  Most of that was to show that I, like most of you, have no idea what motivates us to write.  Most […]

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  • Don’t Give Up

    Don’t Give Up

    (This was taken from an earlier page and moved to Posts) I despise writing.  I hate most of the moments I am stuck behind this keyboard attempting in vain to come up with that killer line or that awesome scene.  There are always more things that I can […]

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  • The Snowflake Method and Everything Else

    (Note: this was published earlier but put on as a page instead of a post) Now, I am not the author of the Snowflake method, that honor goes to Dr. Randy Ingermanson (The Snowflake Method).  His brilliant strategy gave me a jump-off point for everything I do that […]

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  • From Idea To Outline

    From Idea To Outline

    There are a few things we need to do before we can put everything down in an outline, but these are at least the first few steps. For me, outlining is a big part of the writing process. It probably takes me longer to write the outline than […]

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  • Selecting An Audience

    Selecting An Audience

    Hello, and welcome back to my series on How To Write A Novel. In this series, I am attempting to explain exactly what step I go through to get a novel from idea to print. In this segment, I will explain a little bit about the importance of […]

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  • Narrowing Your Topic

    Narrowing Your Topic

    It appears that I might have skipped a topic in the original list I published not too long ago. Or did I? I actually wanted to add this after introducing the logline so that it could be seen that it isn’t all that easy. If it was, then […]

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  • Building Blocks — The Logline

    Welcome back to the ongoing series about writing a novel called, intuitively enough, “Let’s Write A Novel”. On this post, I’m going to start with a very important topic before you even begin putting pen to paper (or your fingers on the letters on a keyboard with a […]

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