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From The Top

There are times in writing when you just have to take a step back and start from the beginning.  Now, I don’t mean erased the hard drive, hide the notes, and open a new document on the old word processor.  That would be counterproductive, I would think.  No, […]

Time Reveals

I know this has probably happened to you.  Picture this:  You are hard at work solving a complex problem; any problem, it doesn’t matter.  You get stuck.  Your flow is gone.  The river has dried up.  Or so you thought.  Your brain has simply shut down to the […]

Reverse Analysis

I’m okay!  That’s what I feel like saying after what I would call a panic attack.  It wasn’t truly one, but I did feel overwhelmed for a bit when I thought that my story was broken and irreparable.  I just had to take a step back and start […]

Picking Up The Pieces

Sometimes life can imitate the very structure that many writers choose to use for their own novels. Each event that happens to us, good or bad, has to end eventually. So those are the little stories that happen in our lives. That’s what makes storytelling easier for most […]

Characters Are Horrible Liars

Characters are horrible liars.  It’s not that they’re not good at it, it’s because they are.  I spent almost two years writing their stories only to find out that they were not being at all truthful. One of them, I wrote about yesterday.  Today, I would like to […]


Epiphanies.  We’ve had them at one time or another in our lives.  They’re the wee moments of clarity in the dimmest, murkiest times when we are trying to find the right answer to our biggest quandaries.  Some people simply call them flashes of brilliance or genius.  Some might […]

Emotions and Purpose

Writing has a purpose and that purpose is to give the reader an emotional experience.  I have felt that since the first day I put the pen to paper.  At first, I have to admit, I felt that it wasn’t the greatest of feelings.  Almost like revulsion.  That […]

Why I Write

This one should be obvious, but I feel it is important.  If not for me, then for the others like me who have a story to tell but are hesitant because we have all heard that you need to have a good reason to write.  So, here it […]