Picture of Lee Messick
T. Lee Messick

Writer, programmer, gamer, fantasy novelist

My name is T. Lee Messick

I spent my first twenty years after high school in the United States Air Force as an electrician.  While I was in, I was fortunate enough to have gotten my Computer Science degree from Troy University, but I didn’t stop there.  Just as I was retiring, I also was halfway through my Master’s Degree in Management of Information Systems, the rest of which I finished while working in my current job.  Currently, I work as a computer programmer writing automated tests, tools to set up virtual test suites and whatever else my boss deems necessary.  I am married to a beautiful Panamanian lady and have two grown children (hence why I have the time to devote to writing nowadays).  My wife of twenty-five years (at the time of this writing) has given me the support and encouragement I need to keep doing what I love.

In my spare time, I enjoy writing.  Mostly I write fantasy novels–well, it mostly consists of planning those novels.  I have actually written two and a half first drafts of different novels in a series I call The Crown of Souls.  One of those novels is currently showcased on this site.  As I write more, I will provide at least the first three chapters (all dependent upon how well my book are received in the real world, I suppose).  For now, I would like to invite you to delve into the worlds within my own head.

I say worlds.  Ten of them to be exact.  All of them linked by the huge magical trees whose roots go down almost to the ninth world below the Surface.  By almost, I mean that since the ninth world below the Surface is the Naetherworld, the land of the dead.

Each world varies in its content from looking and feeling totally like the Surface world to being dark and murky like the Naetherworld.  Each story will take you, the reader, into these distinct places with tales of adventure and fun.

What does this all have to do with Everspyyre, you ask?  Good question.  Everspyyre is the university that is behind all of my stories.  It is the place where a revolution starts and where the heroes of that revolution learn and grow.  All of the worlds, except perhaps the Naetherworld–for obvious reasons–rally around the University of Everspyyre in order to prevent the total annihilation of a tyrant bent on destroying everything and recreating the whole world (which includes all ten of the worlds within this world).

For now, I plan on putting excerpts of my stories, thoughts on others or even some of the planning that goes into writing one of them.  Writing is not easy, though there are some that make it look so.  I can only aspire to be the best I can be and let you, the reader be the judge.  I hope you enjoy this site and spread the news to your family and friends.