About Everspyyre

What is Everspyyre?  That is a good question, I’m glad that you asked.

Everspyyre is the name of a university in my world of worlds.  Not just a university but a hub of diversity and learning for all people.  Everything in my world revolves around this university.  From its peaceful, yet turbulent, and humble beginnings to its involvement in some of the biggest wars in the history of the Aerolian Empire.  This site is where I will explore, through my writing, these stories of triumph.  I hope you enjoy these stories and will pass them along to your friends.

Why name the website Everspyyre? I named it Everspyyre because it has a certain connotation the everything is always spiraling upward. Education should always move upward since, once you learn something you really can’t “unlearn” it. You can expound on it and broaden it. That’s why it’s the name of a university in my little world I call Myrddin (for those of you who read Arthurian lore, it is the real name of the one whom Merlin was fashioned since Merlin created my world to train mages and heroes).

What’s more is that Everspyyre represents a philosophy that it doesn’t matter who you are or what your background may be, you can be anything that you want to be.  In my life, I have had so many opportunities and many of them I have taken advantage of.  So many people out there either don’t get these opportunities for one reason or another, or miss them entirely because they were taught over time to ignore them.  Everspyyre, as the name implies,  means (to me at least) to keep reaching ever higher, because worthy goals can and will be reached.  When they are, you can always go higher.

You probably got here by looking for articles for beginning writers from a beginner (me).  Okay, I’m a relative beginner.  I don’t have many sales (one can hope), but over the last few years since I put much of my time into learning the writing craft, I have learned a few things that would have helped me out.  So my desire is to help those who are just starting out like I did.  Even if it’s just a few tidbits of information that you could probably find somewhere else.

The things I see online about what people wished they knew before writing really had very little to do with the actual craft of writing.  Most of it was about the business side.  Granted, I’ll need to learn that side of it as well, but it is the craft that drives the necessity.  So I am putting together a few articles that would have sped up my learning a bit, and possibly burned the interest in my head a lot earlier.

Below is some information about my first book:

My first book, Copper Rain, is a story about a sleight-of-hand swindler who must figure out a way to get over his fear of magic to save the world from a deadly drought threatening the entire world.  He must learn a spell that will restore the rains and in doing so, he must face the hard questions about his past.

Please check it out.  Press the link below:

Copper Rain

And, of course, let me know what you think.