Characters Are Horrible Liars

Characters are horrible liars.  It’s not that they’re not good at it, it’s because they are.  I spent almost two years writing their stories only to find out that they were not being at all truthful.

One of them, I wrote about yesterday.  Today, I would like to write about another one who is even worse.  I just have to do it without giving away too much, because it will matter.  Unfortunately, it’s huge and changes the story in a fundamental way.

You see, characters will do that to you.  They will behave in such a way as to make you, the writer, believe what they have to say.  Many times that is what we want.  Beware fellow writers, some of them are lying to you.  Like Orin from yesterday’s post, they might be hiding something they think is embarrassing and, therefore, not too important.  Others hide major issues that turn out to be game changers.

In fact, this character that I caught lying to me has committed the gravest of sins.  Now I’m not going to name  this character or give the gender… You’ll just have to read it when the story is complete.  But I will say this, though, this character had me totally fooled.  So maybe I live in the Kingdom of Happy Fools.

Thanks for reading and, as always, happy writing.



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