What Do I Do About Writer’s Block

I know what helped me, but it may or may not help you. It was many years that I had some sort of writer’s block. I tried writing every day at the same time. I read about writing to see if it would make me more interested (which it succeeded in just that). I read about structure and it was when I was learning about writing scenes that I found what finally worked.

I came across a website that showed me how to plan a novel in small bits then work off those bits to make a page of a story description. Eventually, I made for pages that turned into a rudimentary outline which turned into a full 80+ scene outline. After all of that, I was able to write my first novel.

The point is, I didn’t have a focus. What I realized is that, like many things, If you don’t have a goal or vision, you’re not going to have motivation to keep going.

Once I had my outline, my goal became to write what I had envisioned in my outline. I had a place to start with a clear ending. While I fleshed out the story, I found that I wanted my world and characters to live and breathe.

I now write every day with some sort of purpose in mind, whether I am writing (actually editing, now) my latest novel or updating my blog or adding an article to my website.

Would you learn how to cut wood for the sake of cutting wood? No. Most people learn to cut wood for a specific reason. If you are like me, you learn by doing, but if you have no real reason to do it, you feel that you have no place to start and you simply stand around hoping for inspiration to suddenly strike you on the head. It won’t happen. Believe me.

Like I said, this or what got me unstuck and keeps me unstuck.

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