Flash of Brilliance

In the darkness of despair and utter defeat, the light of brilliance springs forth and illuminates the way forward.

That’s my quote for the day…and it is mine (you can use it if you like).  I just thought of it right now and I think it fits my situation.  After taking apart my story scene by scene and moving some of them around, I found that I had become overwhelmed at all the work ahead of me.  Then tragedy struck as one of the key scenes was accidentally deleted from the manuscript (I should really learn to backup old copies).

But…all is not lost.

I had a flash of inspiration that started with the magic question, “What if…?”

“What if…?”  That’s such a fun game.  What if a sleight-of-hand swindler was afraid of magic?  That leads to another question, and another and yet another.  Whole stories are written off the answers.

My what if today was:  What if Kalan wasn’t meant to try and find all twelve stones of the Crown of Souls?  What if he was only meant to find information about his mother?  What if finding his mother was more important that actually finding all the pieces before our Amad-Dûr?  What if Eidolon wanted to prevent Kalan from finding it and sent Bryn and Girianna to help him?

The whole original version of Kingdom of Happy Fools was about Kalan trying to find it and trying to learn how to use magic without a haentstone.  Now, I find that story to be a bit bland (and I may have adjust Copper Rain accordingly, as well).  This new idea, I think, gives it a bit of an umph that I always felt was missing.  So now what everything falls apart (I won’t give you any spoilers), it makes more sense and the results are even more devastating to Kalan AND the entire group.

In my darkness of being overwhelmed, I’ve found that light which gives my story a little more meaning.

Thanks for reading my little sidebar.  I’m still working on the story and hope to keep my publication date in the month of June.  Wish me luck!


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