One Step Forward, Four Steps Back

Evidently, this is part of the creative process.  It seems that I have taken a few steps back from where I was.  A couple of months ago, I finished the second draft of my novel and was in the process of fixing the structure when I realized that the entire structure was more than off-kilter.  So, I have decided that in order to fix this massive can of worms that I have created, I must make a clean slate.

That is not to say that I have to start over, though that is what it seems like to me.  I just have to find the key scenes and reorder the ones that I have already written so that they fit inside the key scenes that would make up the structure.

I have to admit that at first, I was totally overwhelmed at what I have left to do.  I still am, for the most part.  As I have just encountered this problem, I am trying to work through it.

No fear, though, I know that this is part of the process.  Once I think about it, I’ll probably find that it works even better.  That’s usually the case.  I can only hope that once I settle on the actual structure scenes and smooth over the transitions, that the end product is the best I can make it.  Once I get to the point where I don’t see where I can make it better, then I think I know that it is finished.

I just know that I still have a bit to go before any of that happens.

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