New Book Cover New Title

I just finished creating the new book cover.  During its creation, I decided that I wanted to change the title from Copper Legacy to Regal Legacy, but in the end, I decided on Kingdom of Happy Fools, since that it is what Merrydote means.  You can find it in the Gallery (here: The Gallery)

Not only does it bring out the curiosity in people to know what this title has to do with anything, but also packs in some of the elements of the book that many of the characters may share.  At any time in their life, anyone can be a fool.  Some are so oblivious to that fact that they may even be happy.

The theme of the new story is be who you were meant to be.  With that being said, a fool who continues to be what he is not, continues to be a fool.  A happy fool has embraced what life has given them and rolls with it.  (I am one of those Happy Fools).

I’m almost done with the first (or rather second) draft, just a few more scenes that wrap up the story, and then comes the edits.  I have to see how brutal I can be with myself.  I want to get this out the door by March…June at the very latest.



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