Nearly There!

I’ve just finished Chapter 17, just three more to go!!  This is where everything gets easier, I think.  It may be because I already know what’s going to happen in the end or that everything is tying itself together nicely after all the planning and side notes.  Granted, this story was already written more than a year ago.  I just had to rewrite it and adjust to what I wrote in Copper Rain.  I think whoever reads this will like what I’ve done with the characters, but so far my readership is limited to mostly the people I work with and my mom and dad.  Oh well, if I make it big (yeah, right!!), then I can always say who were my biggest supporters initially, right?  🙂

So, I’ve determined that I should write only five books in this series, so I think that my big change will be that someone **** Potential Spoiler Alert **** might have stolen several of them or might have to steal several of them from somewhere in order to get all twelve stones of the Crown of Souls.

And in the next story, I want to focus on Girianna’s life and story.  Hers is an interesting one, to be sure…I just don’t know how I should tell it.

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