Month: January 2018


It just got intense in the last scene I wrote.  I just have to take a break from it.  So much was going on and my character took a rather nasty hit.  So much so that he is currently on his knees waiting for the final death blow.  […]


Ok, I’m getting closer.  Because I had already written most of Book 2 almost two years ago, I reused much of what I could salvage from the original Book 2 to write the new Book 2, Kingdom of Happy Fools.  I found, though, that in doing so, I […]

New Book Cover New Title

I just finished creating the new book cover.  During its creation, I decided that I wanted to change the title from Copper Legacy to Regal Legacy, but in the end, I decided on Kingdom of Happy Fools, since that it is what Merrydote means.  You can find it […]

Nearly There!

I’ve just finished Chapter 17, just three more to go!!  This is where everything gets easier, I think.  It may be because I already know what’s going to happen in the end or that everything is tying itself together nicely after all the planning and side notes.  Granted, […]