Added Term Papers and Essays

I added an article about how to write term papers and essays.  I wrote it because when I was younger, I could never grasp the how of writing them.  I almost always got average grades on them.  That was until I went to college.  It was my third year and I was enrolled in World Literature.  My instructor gave us a piece of paper that had some sentences already on it and some blanks following them.  He told us to turn off our brains and just do the assignment.  So I did and what followed was the loudest click I ever heard inside my head as the idea he had just given us just turned on.  For the next few assignments, he gave us a similar paper but each time, there were fewer and fewer words on it.  The last assignment of the introduction to the class was to write the next term paper using the patterns we learned from the first few.  Oh boy!  From that moment on, writing term papers and essays was the easiest thing I had ever done.  I literally wrote my first term paper (after the intro) in fifteen minutes.  Of course, I already new a great deal about the subject I was writing about, but you get the picture.  It made my life so much easier.  I took that knowledge all the way through my Master’s degree program (with variations of course).  And now I hope I can convey the same message to you, my readers.

If you have questions, or comments feel free to do so.  And as always, thanks for visiting and keep on writing.


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