Month: November 2017

Added Term Papers and Essays

I added an article about how to write term papers and essays.  I wrote it because when I was younger, I could never grasp the how of writing them.  I almost always got average grades on them.  That was until I went to college.  It was my third […]

I Moved Things Around

I have been busy working on the website to make your visit easier and more pleasurable.  After having written several articles, I realized that it might have been a little difficult to navigate around or find things.  So to alleviate all of that, I decided to put links […]

Added Act II, Part 2

I have posted a new article about what I wished I would have known when I started writing.  This was a continuation of the series of articles about structure.  This is not the end-all-beat-all of what I wish I knew.  There’s a bunch more where that came from.  […]